The apples in our orchard are ecologically grown using Integrated Pest Management methods. The orchard is on the land beside our home: we tend it closely through the seasons.

We are ‘artisanal’ cider makers. To us, ‘artisanal’ means an enterprise small enough so that the farmer or craftsman is the guiding and working force behind what is grown and made. This is true of West County Cider and the ciders we ferment. 

We grow apple varieties that are particularly suited for cider. We make ciders that we want to drink: we believe cider should offer pleasure. Our ciders are made with locally grown apples, tied to the land, to New England and its past and to the vibrant community of cidermakers around the globe.


A thank you to all who have furthered the idea of a Cider Renaissance over the last 30 years:

— To the orchardists nearby and further afield, a thanks for their apples, for use of equipment, storage, talent. A thanks for their growing interest in heritage apples & even in apples that taste tannic & not like balanced dessert apples.

— To Michael Barnes, who has worked with skill & spirit. He has been a most important cog in this wheel of creation & labor. To Field Maloney, who returned to the orchard & home when he was needed, & who helped us understand the fermentation of fruit... Thank you all.

— Thank you to Steve Wood of Poverty Land Orchard & Farnum Hill Ciders who came to our aid when we were most in need. He has always been a compatriot.

— To all who created & attend Franklin County's Ciderdays; to those who have loved and encouraged our cidermaking, and to those who offered advice... We thank you.


Our Cider Varieties
Dry Baldwin
Pippin Cider
Farmers' Favorite
Terry Maloney Reserve
(release Sept. '13)
Reine De Pomme
Kingston Black
Catamount Hill Orchard
(release Sept. '13)
Queen's Cider
Golden Delicious

Alc. 6.8%

Once popular, now rare, Baldwin apples are prized for the making of hard cider. The Baldwin was first cultivated near Boston in the 1700s. These Baldwins were grown at the University of Massachusetts Cold Spring Orchard in Belchertown & at our home orchard in Colrain. -70599140000

Alc. 6.4

John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed) took apple seeds (pips), planted them, grew seedling or 'pippin' apple trees.Such trees bear apples that rarely resemble their parents. They often make good cider. For that, Johnny Appleseed was famous.This dry cider is made from pippin varieties -70599111000.

Alc. 4.8%

Hazy, dense, with sharp & tannic richness, this cider should stand up to a table full of good food from local New England dirt. Aston's Bitter, Yarlington Mill, Ellis Bitter are the apples... Vibrant, dry. -70599153000

Alc. 6.8%

The Reine de Pomme —Queen of the Apples— is a classic French 'bittersweet': Strong tannins dominate. The tannins are softened by a few bins of Ashmeads Kernal & other cider apples from our land. Tannic; dry. -70599111200

Alc. 6.8%

Dark-red skinned, densely flavored, difficult to grow, Kingston Black makes a cider of distinction. The concentrated flavors of this English-style dry cider give pleasure at the table. These Kingston Black apples came from Scott Farm in Dummerston, Vt & from our home orchard in Colrain, Ma. Dry. -70599120000

Alc. 5.9%

This cider is made from apples grown in our home orchard on Catamount Hill in Colrain. There are over 20 apple varieties in this cider. Our orchard is a small cornicopia of obscure apples,grown to experience the potential of heritage & cider varieties. Mid-dry, with fine, deep tannins. Release September '13. -70599112200

Alc. 6.5%

Mid-dry, with overlay of soft tannins. This cider is made from the Newtown Pippin apple, first discovered in Flushing, Queens —New York City!— in the 1700s. As 'Albemarle Pippin', it pleased G.Washington, T.Jefferson & others of the past. Single variety. -70599112100

Alc. 5.2%

The Redfield is a rare, red-fleshed American apple, both tart & tannic. It makes a cider of vibrant color & fruit. Mid-dry. Harvest 2011 -70599111100

Alc. 4.8%

McIntosh is the mainstay apple of New England. Juicy & aromatic, this cider balances sweetness & bright acidity. These Macs were grown in at Wheel-View & Mohawk Orchards in Shelburne, Ma. Mid-dry. -70599151000

Alc. 6.1%

John Wheeler grew these Golden Delicious apples at Wheel-View Orchard in Shelburne, Ma. We picked them the last week of October and fermented the juice with wild yeast. -7059915100