West County Crown CiderWest County Cider continues the centuries-old cider making tradition and adds some modern refinements.
We provide a wide variety of hard ciders for the table, from very dry to sweet. Some are dry and flinty, while others are more robust with tannins from traditional American and European cider apples.

We use fruit from our own orchard of traditional and untraditional cider varieties as well as apples grown by other New England orchards. Commercial yeast is added; occasionally we use the wild yeast on the apples. West County Ciders stand out by the simplicity of our ingredients: whole apples, a little yeast, and a bit of sulfite (found in nearly all wines). No sugars, water, flavorings, sorbate, carbon dioxide, or concentrates are used in any of our ciders, allowing for a crisp, clean apple taste in every bottle.


An orchard is much more than the trees: the whole enterprise needs care. How do we nurture the soil, to strengthen the trees? What about those critters who want some part of the tree, not just the apples? It is a dance of awareness. Apples are desired, at many stages of growth. Apple trees take attention.

We are ‘artisanal’ cider makers. To us, ‘artisanal’ means an enterprise small enough so that the farmer or craftsman is the guiding and working force behind what is grown and made. Our hands are involved throughout.

We grow apple varieties that are particularly suited for cider, making ciders that we want to drink. West County Ciders are made with locally grown apples, tied to the land, to New England, its past, and to the vibrant community of cidermakers around the globe.